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Wed 03 May 2017

School Catchment Area

School Catchment Areas


Trying to get your child into a school in the Mid Sussex catchment area? This time of the year can work parents up into a hot sweat. Will your child get into the perfect school for them? With competition for school places increasing it's not surprising to find out that one in four parents move home to get their children into the catchment area of the best school for them. A shocking one in six parents will actually buy or rent a second home in the catchment area of their desired choice to guarantee their child gets a place. 


Schools are incredibly important for your child's future, we want the best for our children and a good school is a perfect start. The Mid Sussex catchment area is really popular and holds a lot of competition for not only for the high-quality schools but the beautiful houses also. Moving closer to your school can really help in securing your childs place.


Planning ahead? 


Planning ahead with relocation is key to saving you money, stress time and hassle. Now is the perfect time to start planning your move for next years' school placements. Selling now will give you time to find the perfect property for your family within the catchment area of your desired school. Leaving selling to last minute can be incredibly stressful! The house may not sell in time or you may be forced to buy a house that's not suited to your families' needs causing stress and issues at home and creating a negative home environment for your child.


Tips on how to get your house sale ready


If you have decided that you want to sell your house getting your property sale ready plays a big role in return on investment.  We want to share some of our top tips on getting your home sale ready:


Get any minor damages repaired - minor damages may not seem iike a big deal but when buying a home every little cost can add up so getting these sorted with help with sales.



It's what's on the inside that matters - not in this case obviously, the interior appearance of your house is incredibly important but first impressions really count here. Is the gate hanging off the hinges? The front door paint peeling? Are there dead plants in pots outside?... If so this could damage sales, spruce up your house with a lick of paint and some pretty flower pots to get your potential buyer in the right mindset before they step inside.




Home staging - home staging can really help sell your home. Clear out all the clutter and clean up your property. Adding little touches of home life can really help also, for example, fresh flowers in a nice vase, a bottle of wine on the side with a couple of glasses or some magazines scattered across a coffee table! Think house and home magazine style.




Nice smells - nice smells can create a real atmosphere and homely touch to your property. Baking bread, cookies or cakes will really add that extra character to your house. 



Whatever approach you take always remember that your buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your property.


How We Can Help


We offer property sales, in Haywards Heath and the Mid Sussex Catchment area. We put our customers first and we really care about helping you get your home sale-ready and getting the perfect buyer for your property. We also offer free, evidence driven, no obligation valuations.


Get in touch today, our friendly supportive team would be delighted to help you.